SPOJ MAIN112 – Re-Arrange II Solution

SPOJ Solution

MAIN112 – Re-Arrange II

For a sequence of N integers, A1, A2, ….. AN

We can calculate the stability factor P, as

P = sum of all (abs(Ai-Ai-1)*C[i]) where 2 <= i <= N

C[i] is the cost of putting a number at position i

Your task is find the minimum P for the given N numbers considering all the different permutations of them.


First line contains an integer T(1<=T<=10) which denotes the total number of test cases. Each test case consists of three lines.

The first line contains the integer N(1<=N<=15). The second line contains a space separated list of N integers(<150) which denote the given set of numbers.

The third line contains a space separated list of N integers. The ith integer on this line denotes the value for Ci


For each test case, print the minimum possible value of P considering all permutations of the given numbers.

MAIN112 Soultion


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