Free Linux Ebook for Beginner

Free Linux Ebook

Linux Notes for Professionals book

Ebook Contents

Chapter 1: Getting started with GNU/Linux
Chapter 2: Detecting Linux distribution name and version
Chapter 3: Getting information on a running Linux kernel
Chapter 4: Shell
Chapter 5: Check Disk Space
Chapter 6: Getting System Information
Chapter 7: ls command
Chapter 8: File Compression with ‘tar’ command
Chapter 9: Services
Chapter 10: Managing Services
Chapter 11: Modifying Users
Chapter 12: LAMP Stack
Chapter 13: tee command
Chapter 14: Secure Shell (SSH)
Chapter 15: SCP
Chapter 16: GnuPG (GPG)
Chapter 17: Network Configuration
Chapter 18: Midnight Commander
Chapter 19: Change root (chroot)
Chapter 20: Package Managers
Chapter 21: Compiling the Linux kernel

Example book pages

Linux® Example Page 1

Linux® Example Page 2

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Bash Notes for Professionals book

Ebook Contents

Chapter 1: Getting started with Bash
Chapter 2: Script shebang
Chapter 3: Navigating directories
Chapter 4: Listing Files
Chapter 5: Using cat
Chapter 6: Grep
Chapter 7: Aliasing
Chapter 8: Jobs and Processes
Chapter 9: Redirection
Chapter 10: Control Structures
Chapter 11: true, false and : commands
Chapter 12: Arrays
Chapter 13: Associative arrays
Chapter 14: Functions
Chapter 15: Bash Parameter Expansion
Chapter 16: Copying (cp)
Chapter 17: Find
Chapter 18: Using sort
Chapter 19: Sourcing
Chapter 20: Here documents and here strings
Chapter 21: Quoting
Chapter 22: Conditional Expressions
Chapter 23: Scripting with Parameters
Chapter 24: Bash history substitutions
Chapter 25: Math
Chapter 26: Bash Arithmetic
Chapter 27: Scoping
Chapter 28: Process substitution
Chapter 29: Programmable completion
Chapter 30: Customizing PS
Chapter 31: Brace Expansion
Chapter 32: getopts : smart positional-parameter parsing
Chapter 33: Debugging
Chapter 34: Pattern matching and regular expressions
Chapter 35: Change shell
Chapter 36: Internal variables
Chapter 37: Job Control
Chapter 38: Case statement
Chapter 39: Read a file (data stream, variable) line-by-line (and/or field-by-field)?
Chapter 40: File execution sequence
Chapter 41: Splitting Files
Chapter 42: File Transfer using scp
Chapter 43: Pipelines
Chapter 44: Managing PATH environment variable
Chapter 45: Word splitting
Chapter 46: Avoiding date using printf
Chapter 47: Using “trap” to react to signals and system events
Chapter 48: Chain of commands and operations
Chapter 49: Type of Shells
Chapter 50: Color script output (cross-platform)
Chapter 51: co-processes
Chapter 52: Typing variables
Chapter 53: Jobs at specific times
Chapter 54: Handling the system prompt
Chapter 55: The cut command
Chapter 56: Bash on Windows
Chapter 57: Cut Command
Chapter 58: global and local variables
Chapter 59: CGI Scripts
Chapter 60: Select keyword
Chapter 61: When to use eval
Chapter 62: Networking With Bash
Chapter 63: Parallel
Chapter 64: Decoding URL
Chapter 65: Design Patterns
Chapter 66: Pitfalls

Example book pages

Bash Example Page 1

Bash Example Page 4

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