APS – Amazing Prime Sequence Solution

SPOJ Solution

APS Statement

Bablu is very fond of Series and Sequences…

After studying Fibonacci Series in Class IX, he was impressed and he designed his own sequence as follows…

a[0] = a[1] = 0

For n > 1, a[n] = a[n – 1] + f(n), where f(n) is smallest prime factor of n.

He is also very fond of programming and thus made a small program to find a[n], but since he is in Class IX, he is not very good at programming. So, he asks you for help. Your task is to find a[n] for the above sequence….


Your code will be checked for multiple Test Cases.

First Line of Input contains T (<= 100), the number of Test Cases.

Next T lines contain a single number N. (1 < N < 10^7).


Single line containing a[n] i.e. nth number of the sequence for each test case.

APS Solution

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