AGPC01D – The String Problem

SPOJ Solution

AGPC01D Statement

Mina and Tina love to play with strings. Mina’s favorite string name is A and Tina’s favorite string name is B. One day Tina stole Mina’s string. Now she is wondering the maximum number of string B She can make using characters from string A. After trying for a long period of time she failed to figure out the number. Now she is asking for your help to find the number.


Input starts with T(1<=T<=100), denoting the number of test case.

Each of the test case contains 3 line. First line contains n & m (1<=n,m<=100000)n & m are the size of string A & B respectively. Second line contains string A and third line contains B.

Input contains only lower case English letter.


For each testcase, find the maximum number of string B can be created using characters from string A.

AGPC01D Solution

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